Here’s a condensed list of my enterprise experiences.
Should you need a more detailed CV with technical insights and references please send me a mail. Or, just point and click LinkedIn :).

ORACLE (Since September 2013) (http://www.oracle.com).
Master Principal Solution Architect.

CA, Inc. (October 2007 – September 2013) (http://www.ca.com).
Product Marketing Director, Senior Principal Solution Architect.

BEA SYSTEMS, S.p.A. (October 2003 – October 2007) (http://www.bea.com).
Principal Architect.

IONA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (January – October 2003) (http://www.iona.com).
Technical Architect.

SILVERSTREAM SOFTWARE, INC. (January 2002 – January 2003) (http://www.silverstream.com).
eTechnology Architect.

EMC COMPUTER SYSTEMS S.p.A. (October 2000 – December 2001) (http://www.emc.com).
South Europe eTechnology Architect.

BEA SYSTEMS S.p.A. (February 1999 – September 2000) (http://www.bea.com).
Technical Manager of Systems Engineering and Presales Services for the Italian Branch of BEA Systems, Inc.

SUN MICROSYSTEMS S.p.A. (October 1998 February 1999) (http://www.sun.com).
Systems Architect.

SOFTWARE.COM, Inc. (May 1998 – October 1998) (http://www.software.com).
Senior Software Engineer.

SUN MICROSYSTEMS S.p.A. (October 1995 May 1998) (http://www.sun.com).
Systems Engineer.

MARCONI S.p.A. (January 1992 – October 1995) (http://www.marconicomms.com).
Senior Analyst Programmer.

BRITISH TELECOM Ltd. (August 1991 – January 1992) (http://www.bt.com).
Tymnet GNS Country Coordinator.

MARCONI S.p.A. (August 1988 – August 1991) (http://www.marconicomms.com).
Software Engineer.

ERICSSON S.p.A. (February 1985 – August 1988) (http://www.ericsson.com).
Software Engineer.